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Stories of Inspiration, Fun and Friendship            

"If you have ever loved a pet—and who hasn't—you will love this book. You'll laugh, you'll weep, and you'll relate to the passion that pet owners have for their furry friends. This is the gift that you will want to give your friends."

Alicia Blodgett, Author of “Just the Two of Us”

“I spent Sunday morning with my favorite coffee reading “Pawprints on the Heart.” I expected to like it, but I really love it! 

You have written a treasure, and I will cherish this book.  I know you will touch countless hearts who will also have pawprints on their own hearts along with mine“

Jennifer Munro

2013 Award Honorable Mention
2013 Award: Honorable Mention

2013 Award: WINNER





The Feel Good Dog Book of the Year!

Pawprints on the Heart is certain to warm your heart and lift your spirits. If you love dogs (and who doesn’t) this frequently funny and always entertaining collection of stories is perfect for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Inspirational Dog Stories in a One of a Kind Dog Book
We encourage Dog-earing! Have you ever returned to a book because you liked the story so much or enjoyed the way it is written? This is one of those books which is sure to become dog-eared from repeated readings and we hope it does…no matter what your mother says.

Inspiring Quotes in this Inspired Dog Book
Suprise a Friend for No Reason!
Give a friend the gift of love. Buy this Book Today.Send it to a Friend just to tell them how important their friendship is to you. Inspiring Dog Stories and that will have them thanking you for years to come.

You will feel great and they will appreciate it! Available in Book & Kindle format.

Pawprints on the Heart is the first in a series of pet friendly books from Lessons from Rocky & His Friends. This collection of heartwarming, humorous stories captures those amazing moments which we share with our four legged friends who enrich our lives all the while teaching us all we need to know about love, joy, caring, compassion, healing and unconditional love.

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